Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Toyota GT-Four

Toyota high-riding GT86

Here is one I did a couple of years ago that I haven't posted here yet. It got fairly mixed opinions when I last posted it online.

Taking its name from an AWD version of the Celica in the 80s and 90s, this is the Toyota GT-Four - an AWD sportscar with a raised ride-height. Buyers can enjoy driving on and off the road in this nifty little racer.

The styling is dominated by the big plastic wheel arches, bumpers, and side skirts, designed to protect the paintwork from loose stones and gravel. I think it's a shame that manufacturers have stopped adding cheesy decals and stripes to their performance cars, so I've brought them back on this car. One other thing I have changed is the headlights which in my opinion were slightly oddly shaped on the standard GT86, falling somewhere between aggressive and boggle-eyed. For the GT-Four, I altered the shape to take some of the googliness away.

Scion and Subaru versions would also be available.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Jaguar XF-C

Version 1:
Jaguar XF Coupé

Version 2:

Just a simple coupé version of the latest Jaguar XF.

The one at the top has a crease over the rear wheel arches giving it a more sporting look reminiscent of 60s 'Coke bottle' styling. The one below has the more horizontal character line of the four-door Jaguar XF.

I wasn't sure whether I preferred the muscular Version 1 or the luxurious look of Version 2, so I decided I'd post both and let you decide!