Tuesday 4 April 2017

Tesla Model R

This is my vision for a Tesla Model R. It would be the first Tesla sports car since the Roadster, and fill much the same space in the Tesla lineup. Instead of the Roadster's targa top, however, the Model R would have a standard hard-top.

The front end of the car features an evolution of the new Tesla face which made its debut on the Model C prototype. The Model R features slippery aerodynamic bodywork and a low kerbweight, which each benefit the Model R in a couple of different ways - by making the car more energy efficient, and by improving straight-line speed.

And if straight-line speed is what you're after, the R's 'Ludicrous Mode' will surely appeal. First made available in the Model S saloon, Ludicrous Mode enables the Model R to reach 60mph from standstill in 2.4 seconds, a figure unmatched by any other production car.