Tuesday 26 January 2016

Audi S3 Coupé

Audi S3 two-door coupé fastback

Here's my proposal for a coupé version of Audi's S3. But I haven't just lopped off two of the doors and called it a day - my S3 Coupé has taken design cues from Audis past and present to give it a completely new look to the regular four-door car.

The fastback roof is a modern take on that of the 1960s Audi 100 Coupé. The upswept rear quarter windows are also a nod to that car. An Audi A1-style roof contrast line (shown here in brushed aluminium) traces the sporty roofline.

The pictured car showcases many optional extras including: the Audi logo decals on the doors (a reference to the urQuattro), the black pinstripe connecting the front of the car to the rear, and the piano black finish between the rear lights.

Monday 11 January 2016

The new Lincoln MKB

Lincoln compact coupé

Lincoln is currently in a bad place. It has a very reduced line-up compared to its German rivals, and many of the models it does sell are getting on a bit now. Sales are slow, and in 5 years they will be non-existent as their entire customer base will have died off. What they need is a fresh new car that can bring in new buyers that otherwise would never have considered a Lincoln. And that's what I've tried to do here with the Lincoln MKB. 

Size-wise, it's comparable to the Ford Focus but the coupé/hatchback body makes it a rival to the Hyundai Veloster and VW Scirocco. The smallish size and sporty style could attract a younger demographic to the brand and potentially spearhead an entry into the European marketplace.

Lincoln compact convertible

In addition to the coupé style, a stylish 2-seat convertible would be offered.

These were done a while ago so they have the old Lincoln face. If I get time, I'll make a post giving them a 'facelift' with the new Lincoln look.