Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Couple of Bentleys

Two Bentleys parked up

Two menacing-looking Bentleys, parked at the side of the road on a deserted moor on Halloween. 

I started with a picture of a Mulsanne and a Continental GT parked next to each other, and effectively all I did was swap the roofs of the two cars to give each car an extra bodystyle to add to the range.

Bentley Mulsanne four-door coupé

The Mulsanne GT is my idea for a 4-door coupé version of the standard Mulsanne, for buyers who like the Mulsanne's space and comfort but also like the sportier style of a 2-door GT. In my world, it would be the big brother to the Barnato GT in Bentley's growing line-up. 

Bentley Continental hardtop notchback

Up until around the 1990s, it wasn't uncommon for manufacturers to offer - in addition to the standard coupé and convertible variants - a 2-door hardtop option, which often were not marketed as coupés. And that's what I tried to bring back in this picture. I think the shorter squarer roofline simplifies the rear of the car, bringing the theoretical "visual centre of mass" closer to the middle of the car. I haven't decided on a name for this one yet. Possibly Continental HT for Hard Top? Or maybe it could be known as simply the Continental, with the existing bodystyle continuing as the Continental GT.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

VW Blitz HyMotion

Volkswagen hybrid hatchback

This is an old one of mine made probably around half a decade ago. After 5 years of careful consideration, I've concluded that 'Blitz' probably wasn't the best name to pick for a German car.

The VW Blitz HyMotion was my idea for a hybrid hatchback to rival the Toyota Prius and, at the time, the Honda Insight. The fastback roofline, plastic 'dummy' grills and disc-like rims all contribute to an incredibly low drag coefficient. The car would run on a combination of diesel and electricity to give maximum fuel efficiency, and emissions so low they wouldn't even have to fake it!