Sunday 1 April 2018

Ferrari F8berlina

The F8berlina is my concept for a Ferrari super-saloon. The name follows the same naming scheme as the F12berlinetta. In this case the "F" stands for Ferrari, "8" is the number of cylinders, and the "berlina" suffix signifies that it is a four-door saloon. Ferrari have previously stated that they would never build such a car, but fortunately in the virtual world of TheSwageLine I'm not restricted by what the suits at Ferrari say - so a four-door Ferrari it is!

The F8berlina shares its 3.9l twin-turbo V8 with the 488 GTB supercar, although here it would be positioned at the front of the car, powering the rear wheels. This FR layout is observable in the proportions of the car, which are classic Ferrari GT. However, the F8berlina is far from retro, and the styling of the car is unmistakably 2010s. The front is low and shark-like, the rear taut and muscular. The blacked-out A-pillar creates a floating roof effect, and the brightwork which snakes along the bottom of the windows adds further interest to the car's appearance.