Wednesday 9 March 2016

Some old creations: Scion xR and Ferrari 626 Piero

Just a couple of older ones I like but haven't had the chance to share yet.

Scion hot hatchback

This is my idea for the Scion xR, a hatchback brother to the Scion tC. Inspired by 80s hot hatches and most likely driven by a demographic too young to have experienced the decade first hand. I've probably had this one hanging around for about 5 years now, at a guess.

Ferrari GT

When I first saw the Ferrari FF, I didn't rate it at all. I thought it was ugly beyond words in both proportions and details, a complete departure from what a Ferrari grand tourer should look like. So the Ferrari 626 Piero you see here was kind of my reaction to the FF. It features more traditional GT proportions and the front fascia is a look back to Ferraris of the 50s and 60s.

I've since warmed up to the FF slightly, and looking back at my 626 Piero, it's probably too traditional for a company that doesn't really do 'retro' - or at least only in subtle ways on their production cars. Somewhere in the middle would be nice.

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