Tuesday 14 June 2016

High Roller: The new Rolls Royce Shadow

Rolls-Royce four-door coupé

By starting with a Roll-Royce Ghost and then swapping the Ghost's roof for that of the Wraith, I have created a four-door coupĂ© to add to Rolls-Royce's exclusive line-up - the Rolls-Royce Shadow. It would be Rolls' rival to the Bentley Mulsanne GT, and offer a slightly sportier, more driver-focussed alternative to the Ghost.

All the familiar Rolls-Royce family design cues are kept intact. The Spirit of Ecstasy adorns the leading edge of a long, brushed aluminium bonnet, and the suicide doors we're familiar with from other models appear here also. This car is finished in Aqua Blue.

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