Tuesday 26 July 2016

Lotus Mondeo

My vision of a Lotus Mondeo performance car

This is my vision for a Lotus Mondeo. The car begins life as a Ford Mondeo, and is then sent to Lotus Cars in Hethel, England for engineering and styling modifications.

The car takes design cues from its predecessor; the Lotus Cortina of the 1960s. At the front, there's an off-centre Lotus badge in the grill, and the 'MONDEO' badge takes pride of place on the bonnet. As with the Lotus Cortina, the Lotus Mondeo would be available in a single colour scheme - Ermine White with a Sherwood Green flash along its flanks.

Other visual enhancements include a new front bumper, sideskirts, alloys, fuel cap, and rear wing.

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