Tuesday 18 October 2016

Capri: the car you always promised yourself

Ford Capri coupé parked up outside a building

When resurrecting classic automotive nameplates, the temptation is to go the retro route and pay homage to the car that originally bore the name. However, with this resurrection of the Ford Capri, I opted to give the car a thoroughly modern look, using styling touches from other models in Ford's post-'Kinetic Design' lineup. 

At the front of the car, angled headlamps adorn each side of the hexagonal Ford grill, which is tilted forward as if staring down the road. A sharp crease rises from the air outlet behind the front wheel up towards the rear of the car where it meets another character line which comes forwards from the rear of the car and then darts down ahead of the rear wheel. Optional extras include the blacked-out C-pillar, the two-tone alloys, and the 'Capri' emblem on the front wing.

The original Capri was designed to be a European equivalent to the Ford Mustang, and this ethos informs the design of my 21st century Capri. It would ride on a shortened version of the front-engine, rear-drive platform that underpins the Mustang, and feature a luxurious interior more in tune with European taste.

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