Thursday, 16 September 2021

2023 Dodge Challenger


2023 Dodge Challenger animation

The current Challenger's design is now 15 years old so it's time for an update. I like the current Challenger, so I've kept the same proportions and general look-and-feel of the car. but modernised it in a number of ways.

Starting with the roof, I've given it a rounder more streamlined shape, closer to it's Ford and Chevrolet rivals. The black roof is optional and evocative of the vinyl roof of the classic Challenger. Other retro touches include the squared-off wheelarches and the letterspaced DODGE emblem at the front.

The front end is dominated by a full-width lightbar. In normal driving, it's a stylish and mysterious strip of piano black, but at night it illuminates with LED technology to imitate the look of the familiar Dodge Challenger front end.

Lights on:

Dodge Challenger lights on

Lights off:
Dodge Challenger lights off

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