Tuesday 1 February 2022

Tesla Compact


Tesla City

Although it appears that Tesla won't be launching any new models this year due to the chip shortage, I thought I'd try my hand at designing an entry-level Tesla car for 2022 regardless. The Tesla Compact is both smaller and more affordable than the Model 3 and true to its name is designed to be a compact and zippy little runabout perfect for the modern city environment.

The Compact has a hatchback bodystyle and it saves space by not having a cumbersome ICE in the front, so despite its small footprint it can easily cope with 4 adults and their shopping. The rear-hinged "suicide" doors add a touch of glamour as the passengers enter and exit the capacious rear cabinspace.

There are no wing mirrors: instead, the Tesla Compact has rear-view cameras which stay hidden when parked and pop out once the car is driving.
The two-tone bodywork combines lime green with a matte black finish for the rear and lower edges of the car.
Do you like the design or do you hate it? Is the Compact name bad: should it be called the Model 2 instead? Let me know what you think below: Always look forward to hearing your views 

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