Tuesday 1 March 2022

RAM Ramcharger


RAM Ramcharger 2022

The original Ramcharger was a 2-door SUV sold in the Americas from 1974 to 2001 and based on a shortened version of the Dodge Ram chassis. The new RAM Ramcharger resurrects this formula to take fight to the new Ford Bronco as well as the potential future 2-door Chevy 4x4.

I've removed a chunk from the wheelbase and replaced the truckbed with a huge rear passenger and luggage area. The Ramcharger is made with outdoorsy people in mind, so why not bring the outside in with the huge rear side-window, which lets in the light and gives the cabin a lovely airy feel. The tailgate splits in the middle and there's plenty of space out back to transport your surfboards or skiing gear depending on the season.

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