Wednesday 30 September 2015

Bentley Barnato GT

Bentley Barnato GT

Named after Woolf Barnato, the most famous of the "Bentley Boys" - a group of wealthy racing drivers in the 1920s - the Barnato GT is an imaginary four-door coupé for Bentley based on the Continental GT platform. 

It would cost a few grand more than the Flying Spur due to its sportier design and driving dynamics, making it a truer rival to Aston Martin's Rapide. The Flying Spur is the laid-back lazy cruiser of the range, while the Barnato GT is the fastback racy bruiser. And although the new, lower roofline does cut into some rear-seat headroom, practicality has been given some consideration in the form of a hatchback rear opening - suitable for carrying anything from your Waitrose shopping bags to your Manchester United away kit.

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